Traveling on a budget

When it comes to travel, many dream of jetting off to exotic destinations, staying in luxurious hotels, and dining at fancy restaurants.

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A Hidden Gem Along the Mississippi River

Discovering the Charms of Thomson, Illinois: A Hidden Gem Along the Mississippi

Nestled along the banks of the majestic Mississippi River, Thomson, Illinois, is a picturesque town that often goes unnoticed by many travelers.

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Hickory Hideaway Cabins and More

A "hidden" idyllic romantic getaway with your partner amidst the stunning scenery and a peaceful atmosphere, these cabins are nestled in the woods and just a short drive away from surrounding towns. Whether you’re the adventurous type of couple who enjoys spending time in the woods near a bonfire or thinking about a more relaxed escape with plenty of luxurious amenities, these cabins are some of the most romantic you’ll find in Northwest Illinois.

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Outdoor Summer Concerts

Outdoor summer concerts in Carroll County

If you’re in the mood for live music, food and drinks in an outdoor setting, we’ve rounded up some of the best concerts in the Midwest. 

The Rhythm Section Amphitheatre also known as “The Red Rocks of the Midwest” is an outdoor concert venue.

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Christmas in Carroll County

Here in Carroll County, we celebrate Christmas to the fullest with lighted parades, the festival of trees, The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train passing through, ice skating, and lighting up our houses for all to see!

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The Main Street Place

The Main Street Place

A charming drive down the original brick streets of small-town Mt.Carroll leads you to this beautiful home.

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