Just relax...there’s something that’s easier said than done! Busy schedules, work commitments, the cost, hassle, and stress of traveling when you can pull away—they all turn relaxing into a trial. Plus, you have to be sure everyone in your happy clan will have something to do that satisfies them.

But what if there was a place right in your backyard that offered fun for everyone, and fit just about any budget? There is.

Welcome to Carroll County, Illinois.

The Time of Your Life Happens Here

In Carroll County, we have just a few thousand things to do, and they’re easy to get to.

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    Close to You

    Carroll County is within a two-and-a-half hour drive of Chicago, most of Illinois and all of Southern Wisconsin and Eastern Iowa.

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    Putting “Great” in “The Great Outdoors”

    Bordered by the mighty Mississippi and dotted with scenic lakes and rolling hills, there’s something for every outdoor enthusiast here. You can take a relaxing hike, zoom across the water with a motorboat or anything in between.

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    With Plenty to Do

    We will fill your days up! Here you’ll find everything from top-shelf theater to Christmas Tree farms to fishing in peaceful, sheltered coves.

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    Bring the Kids (or Don’t)

    Nearly every activity in Carroll County is just right for families, but it’s also a great place to go for some extended alone time. Shop, tour wineries or just enjoy unscheduled time.

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    And Great Lodging, Too!

    Want a rustic cabin? A room in an authentic 19th Century hotel? These and many more give you lodging choices that are more than a place to sleep, but become part of the fun.

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    Small Towns, Big Attractions

    Welcome to a Heartland paradise. Picturesque small towns where you’ll find big festivals and even bigger smiles, but also world-class theater and fine shopping.


How to Have the Time of Your Life

Ready for fun and relaxation in Carroll County? Follow these simple steps!

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    Choose your activities, and map out your trip. You can use our trip planning section to make it even easier!

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    Reserve the lodging that fits your needs. Our great places to stay are part of the fun!

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    Drive just a short way and immerse yourself in fun and relaxation!

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    Because we’re close and affordable, you can get away to Carroll County anytime!

Imagine the Perfect Spring Getaway

It’s Saturday night. You’re in a comfortable chair, there’s a hearty meal in your belly and an excellent local wine in the glass in your hand. The sky is dark and full of stars, the night is cool and silent except for a rustling as the wind stirs the budded branches, and there’s not a molecule of stress anywhere in your body.

Maybe you’re feeling a twinge from a challenging hike or run...or maybe you spent the whole day on retail therapy. Maybe tomorrow morning you’ll be roaring down the road on a chopper, getting in one of the first rides of the year as you travel over rolling hills. Or maybe you’ll be reading a page-turner in this same seat. What matters is that everything you wanted was here, and you’ll have something to smile about on Monday.

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Why Accept the Stressful Status Quo?

When it comes to vacations, how many times have you heard “Why wait?” But there seem to be so many reasons to wait—time, expense, and hassle, just to name a few.

But if you keep waiting around? Won’t you just be...well, waiting around? Taking on stress without any upside? Instead, act now to take advantage of the recreational paradise just down the road!

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