Grace-filled Designs

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101 South Hickory Street
Shannon, Illinois 61078

Proprietor: Amanda Sue Kaney

Grace-filled Designs was created to bring God’s Word into people’s homes through beautiful hand-painted designs. I, Amanda Sue Kaney, started out on this journey after painting and designing many pieces of wall art for my own home and the homes of my family and friends. The Lord has blessed me with the desire to paint and craft, and I know the journey He has led me on with Grace-filled Designs is long from over. It’s such a blessing to work out of my home and create custom pieces for individuals. I will continue to lean on the Lord for guidance and inspiration as I create pieces, and my prayer is that people will be inspired, encouraged, and blessed through each of the pieces I’ve created.

grace-filled-designs-logoAbout a year ago, I started this business as a part-time job for extra income, but also to be a blessing to others and enjoy what I’m doing. Everything I create is hand-painted, not stenciled, and personalized for each individual. People, that desire to be filled with God’s grace and His goodness as they walk through life, are particularly interested in my work.

I grew up in German Valley. My husband and I relocated to Carroll County for his career. My husband, Aaron Kaney, is the Assistant States Attorney for Carroll County. What we love most about Carroll County is the small town atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone and there’s a sense of security that comes along with that. Your neighbors wave at you on the street and everyone is willing to lend a helping hand if you need it.

What I’ve learned most on my journey with Grace-filled Designs is that God has a great plan for your life. If you follow the desires He has placed in your heart, He will bless you for it. For more information about Grace-filled Designs, check out our Facebook page where you can keep up to date with our latest designs… and participate in our monthly giveaways!